Winter of Loss

Essays / Poems / Artworks — Joan Schulze
Full color
10 x10 inches
32 pagesPublished by SCHULZE PRESS
Sunnyvale / San Francisco
Available from the artist 
ISBN 978-0-9744196-6-4

In Stitches: Contemporary Approaches to Needlework

September 23, 2020 – May 8, 2021

Racine Art Museum

Diverse examples shown next to one another offer opportunities for comparison and contrast. Large-scale quilts using found linens are shown alongside small-scale photo-realistic embroideries, crocheted earrings, and stitched baskets. In whatever form, these works reflect how handcraft traditions can be incorporated—and expanded upon—to make creative, aesthetic, thoughtful, symbolic and practical statements.

© 2008-2020, Joan Schulze